PPGI and Galvanized Steel Coil (GI) Manufacturers In Vietnam

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  • GTS Steel represent for leading PPGI and Galvanized Steel Coils manufacturers in Vietnam

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Hot Roll Coils (HRC)

We supply HRC from top leading steel mill (steel manufacturers) in Vietnam and China. SPECIFICATION – HOT ROLLED COIL STEELS Width 1.2m – 1.5m

Hot Dipped Galvalume Steel Coils (Aluzinc – GL)

We supply high-quality hot dipped galvalume steel sheet in coils from leading coated steel manufacturers

Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Coils – GI

We specialized on manufacture and supply quality galvanized steel sheet in coils, which is produced under

Prepainted Galvalume Steel Coils (PPGL)

Our PPGL (color galvalume coated steel sheet in coils) are manufactured in

Prepainted Galvanized Steel Coils (PPGI)

Our PPGI (color galvanized coated steel sheet in coils) are

List Of PPGI and Galvanized Steel Coils Manufacturers In Vietnam:

Vietnam is know as one of top leading manufacturing contries of Galvanized steel coils (GI coils) and PPGI steel coils in Asia. The coated steel coils products (Galvanized and PPGI) of Vietnam is exported to over 50 countries including USA, Europe, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia…

The belows are some premier PPGI and Galvanized Steel Coils manufacturers in Vietnam, we hope this will be valuable for your steel business:

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GTS Steel is export representative of top largest Galvanized and PPGI steel coils manufacturers in Vietnam.

If you are looking for PPGI and Galvanized steel coils from leading manufacturers in Vietnam, we believe that we will can find the best quotation for your business.

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