What is RMP, SMP, SDP and PVDF Paint Type of PPGI, PPGL Steel Coils ?

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What is different between paint types: RMP, SMP, SDP and PVDF on prepainted color coated steel coils production ? What type of paint should require when you purchase prepainted steel coils PPGI and PPGL from steel coils manufacturers ?

The paint type of coated steel coils is one of important point determined on the quality of prepainted steel coils products (PPGI and PPGL), the belows are all details and comparision of it:

Regular Modified Polyester – RMP

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Definition: Regular Modified Polyester (RMP) is a type of polyester coating used in the pre-painted steel coils industry. It is a popular choice for various applications due to its favourable characteristics and cost-effectiveness.

  • Colour Coated Steel Coils that is painted and dried with polyester
  • Excellent workability, weather resistance and durability
  • Wide range of colours and brightness that make it suitable for various applications like interior and exterior construction materials, assembling metals, and partitions
  • Substrate: GI – galvanized, and GL – galvalume
  • Applications:
  • Lightweight partition & Steel furniture
  • Roofing and Sliding & Sandwich panel

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Silicon Modified Polyester – SMP

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Definition: Silicone modified polyester (SMP), also referred to as silicone-protected or siliconized polyester, is an architectural paint system used to coat metal sheet and coil products. According to Metal Coaters, SMP paint systems blend polyester for weather resistance and silicon for gloss retention into one formula.

  • Steel painted with silicon resin and dried
  • Superior weather resistance
  • Offers better protection than polyester steel sheets used in construction materials
  • Substrate: GI/GL
  • Applications:
    • Sandwich panel
    • Roofing

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Super Durable Polyester – SDP

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Definition: Super durable polyester is designed to provide additional exterior weathering and salt and humidity resistance over a standard polyester. IFS super durable powders are commonly used for exterior applications. They can also be used on some interior applications where color fastness is required.

  • Pre-finished steel suitable for use in construction material
  • High workability, brightness, clearness and printing feature makes SDP perfect for construction and metal devices that require such qualities
  • Substrate: GI/GL
  • Applications:
    • Exterior metal devices
    • Roofing

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Polyvinylidene Fluoride – PVDF

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Definition: PVDF is a resin made up of about 70% polyvinylidene thermoplastic fluoropolymer and 30% acrylic. Commonly referred to as Kynar 500® or Hylar 5000®, PVDF resins are the best protective coatings to withstand extreme temperatures, sun exposure, oxygen, humidity, and pollution particles in the atmosphere.

  • Steel sheets applied and hardened with a paint of fluorine resin which has a symmetric structure and contains fluorine, an inert gas
  • Very high weather and chemical resistance due to an excellent molecular binding force of the fluorine resin
  • Substrate: GI/GL
  • Applications:
    • Metal Exterior & Sandwich Panels
    • Structure in Industrial Complex

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