Galvanized Steel Sheet In Coils

GTS Steel specialized on supplying Galvanized Steel Coils (Zinc Coated Steel Coils) products which were produced in the modern production line. On the basis of the most advanced scientific application in the world for PLC control system, inverter system, servo motor system and precision control system.

Product details – Galvanized Steel Sheet In Coils:

Item Galvanized Steel Sheet In Coils (GI steel coils – Zinc coated steel coils)
Thickness 0.15 ~ 3.2 mm
Zinc coating Z50~Z275 (50-275 g/m2) or G30 ~ G360 (0.3~3.6 oz/ft2)
Width max 1250mm or slit coils
Standard JIS G3302, ASTM A653-A653M, EN 10346, AS 1379
MOQ 25 tons (~ one container)
Coils ID 508/610mm
Surface Structure Zero Spangle, Minimum Spangle, Regular Spangle, Big Spangle
Hardness Soft hard (HRB60), medium hard (HRB60-85), full hard (HRB85-95)
Surface treatment Chromated/ Non-chromated, Oil/ Non-oiled, Skin pass…
Shipment term FOB/ CIF/ CFR in containers or bulk cargoes
Payment LC or T/T…
Application Corrugated steel sheet/ Roofing,ceiling channel,industrial refrigeration,cold storage,door panel, sandwich panel, PU panel, writing board…
Origin Vietnam
Business Type Manufacturer/ Trader/ Business Consult

Standards and Grades – Galvanized Steel Sheet In Coils

Standard Grade Thickness Width Coating Mass Symbol
JIS G3302 SGCC, SGC570 – SGCH, SGCD1/2/3/4 – SGHC – SCG340~SCG570 0,12 ~ 3,2 mm 600-1250mm or slit coils Z50-Z275 (Z06-Z60 mean 60 – 600 g/m2))
ASTM A653/ A653M CS type A/B/C, SS 33/50/80 0,12 ~ 3,2 mm 600-1250mm or slit coils G30-G360 (0,3-3,6 oz/ft2), Z90-Z275 (90-275g/m2)
EN 10346 DX51D, DX52D, DX53D…, DX57D (cold forming), S220GD ~ S550GD (construction) 0,12 ~ 3,2 mm 600-1250mm or slit coils Z100 – Z275
AS 1379 G1/ G2/ G3/ G250/ G300/ G350/ G450/ G500/ G550 0,12 ~ 3,2 mm 600-1250mm or slit coils Z100 – Z350 (***)

Our Galvanized Steel Coils:

Our manufacturing factory profile:

Capacity 600.000 tons/ year
Technology NOF
Equipment Danieli – Italy, SMS – Austria, Bronx – Australia 

Our export market:

Our Galvanized Steel Coils products are manufactured by top leading manufacturers in Vietnam and exported to over 50 countries, includes:

  • America: United States (US), Mexico, Canada, Brazil…
  • Europe: United Kingdom (UK), Belgium, France, Italy…
  • Southeast Asia: Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore…
  • Middle East: Saudi Arap, UAE…
  • Africa: South Africa, Ghana…
  • And many other countries…

our export market   GTS Steel

Photo of our steel mills:

Packaging and Shipping:

  • By container cargoes
  • By bulk cargoes

About Us – GTS Steel Pacific Ltd

GTS Steel is engaged principally as Steel Supplier (Exporter) as well as agent of top largest steel manufacturers in Vietnam and China. 

Our mission is to connect you with suitable leading steel manufacturers, to support you to get the best quotation from reliable steel manufacturers.

For over 10 years in steel field, GTS Steel have set up deep connections with steel manufacturers/ steel mills in Vietnam and China, our steel products are exported to over 50 countries. 

We are confident to bring the best price and service to our customers with various types of steel products from leading steel mills in Vietnam and China. 

Company Name: GTS Steel Pacific Ltd

Address: 2B NTMK, Dakao Ward, District 1, HCM City, Vietnam

Type of Business: Steel supplier (Exporter) from Vietnam – represent for leading steel mills in Vietnam.

Main Products:

  • Galvanized Steel Sheet In Coils (GI coils)
  • Galvalume Steel Sheet In Coils (GL coils)
  • Prepainted Galvanized Steel Sheet In Coils (PPGI)
  • Prepainted Galvalume Steel Sheet In Coils (PPGL)
  • Steel Pipes

Standards: ASTM, JIS, BS EN, AS…

Export Market: America (USA, Canada, Mexico…), Europe (UK, Belgium, France, Italy, Germany…), Asia (Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia…), Australia, New Zealand, Africa (South Africa…)

Experienced: 11 years

Shipment term: FOB, CIF, CFR… by container or bulk cargoes

Payment: LC, T/T