EU Investigate HDG (galvanized steel coils) from Turkey, Russia

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The European Steel Association  has filed a registration request against hot-dip galvanized steel sheet in coil imports from Turkey and Russia that could make retroactive any duties set in a dumping case opened by the European Commission (EC) five months ago.

The association said in a letter sent to the Commission, seen by S&P Global Platts, that it is concerned with the significant increase in dumped imports from Russia and Turkey since the initiation of the investigation on June 24.

galvanized steel mill in Vietnam Hoa Phat Steel Sheet Co., Ltd

Galvanized steel coils ex Russia and Turkey under antidumping cases.

Noting estimated average dumping margins of approximately 18% for Turkey and 33% for Russia in the investigation period, Eurofer said the average monthly imports after the initiation of the case on June 24 – from July to September 2021– also showed an increase of 24% in comparison to the average monthly imports during the investigation period.

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“The imports are likely to continue increasing, and to undermine the remedial effect of any measures imposed in this case, unless the Commission disciplines imports via registration,” Eurofer said in the letter.

A Eurofer spokesperson declined to make further comment on the registration request letter when approached by Platts Nov. 26.

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The EC opened an investigation into hot-dip galvanized coil imports from Turkey and Russia on June 24, alleging imports of certain corrosion-resistant steels originating from these countries were being dumped.

Pre-disclosure of the investigation is expected on Dec. 24, while provisional measures, if any, will be imposed by the EC until Jan. 24, 2022, informed industry sources told Platts. Definitive measures could be announced on July 20, 2022.

The EU’s dumping probe on Turkish HDG has already begun to raise some concerns among European buyers in recent months, while EU quotas continue to limit Turkish mills’ export volumes, as Platts has reported.

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