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In September 2021, the export volume of Hoa Phat Steel Sheet Company Ltd reached the highest level ever with nearly 50,000 tonnes, double the previous month (with main products are galvanized steel coils (GI coils)/ galvalume steel coils (GL coils) and prepainted steel coils (PPGI and PPGL). The main export markets are the US, European countries and Southeast Asia.

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In the first 9 months of the year, galvanized steel coils products production recorded a strong growth, reaching more than 273,000 tonnes, 2.6 times higher than the same period last year. In which, the export volume was 176,000 tonnes of galvanized/ galvalume and cold-plated steel. The proportion of exports contributed 64 per cent of the company’s total steel sales in the nine month period. Hoa Phat Steel Sheet Company is in the Top 5 in terms of market share in Vietnam with about 6.5 per cent.

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galvanized steel supplier in Vietnam

Currently, all of the company’s production lines are operating at maximum capacity. Its product quality meets strict technical requirements both domestic and foreign customers. The company always adheres to the regulations and quality standards signed in their contract, especially strengthens the quality control during production process at the factory. The professionalization in the export process has helped Hoa Phat Steel Sheet succeed in penetrating and increasing the export volume of galvanized, cold-plated and color-plated steel products to major markets around the world.

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With annual capacity of 400,000 tonnes, Hoa Phat Steel Sheet factory was invested synchronously and modernly from rust removal, cold rolling, galvanizing, cold plating, color coating to other auxiliary equipment. The entire equipment line was imported from G7 countries. In Vietnam, Hoa Phat Steel Sheet Company Ltd is the first and only manufacturing producer to be self-sufficient in input materials, thanks to hot rolled coil (HRC) products of Hoa Phat Dung Quat Steel Integrated Complex.

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In 2021, Hoa Phat Steel Sheet Company Ltd will promote supply coated steel coils from Vietnam with the goal of increasing the coverage of Hoa Phat corrugated iron products to major markets in the world such as the US, Mexico, EU countries, the UK and the Southeast Asian region.

This is a great advantage that helps Hoa Phat promote market dominance with competitive prices and control quality from input to output. With 100 per cent Made-in-Vietnam product, Hoa Phat Steel Sheet Company Ltd has easily increased exports to major markets, especially countries with strict requirements of origin.

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