Hoa Phat Steel Exports Galvanized Steel Coils and HRC – Report For 2023

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Report Of Sales Volume Of Hoa Phat Steel In 2023

Vietnam’s leading steel manufacturer, Hoa Phat Group, expects to carry further forward the year-on-year progress it made in 2023 with improved sales and better prices this year.

It reported production of 6.7 million tons of crude steel in 2023, down 10% from 2022 and equivalent to about 80% of its capacity.

The sales of hot rolled coil – HRC steel, construction steel, high quality steel and steel billet reached 6.72 million tons, down 7% year-on-year. Of this, the sales of construction and high quality steel reached 3.78 million tons, down 11%, while that of HRC steel rose 6% to nearly 2.8 million tons.

In 2023, Hoa Phat supplied 685,000 tons of steel pipes, down 9% year-on-year; and 329,000 tons of galvanized steel sheets of all types, unchanged from 2022 figures.

In December alone, Hoa Phat produced 648,000 tons of crude steel, an increase of 4% compared to the previous month. Its sales of HRC steel, construction steel and steel billets reached 760,000 tons, up 7% versus November and marking the highest figure since the beginning of the year. Sales of construction steel and high quality steel rose 13% month-on-month to 462,000 tons, the highest in 20 months.

coated steel manufacturing company in Vietnam Hoa Phat Steel GTS Steel
Hoa Phat’s galvanized steel coils products are loaded on a vessel for export. Photo courtesy of the group.
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The group’s report said that the domestic market, including civil engineering and public investment projects, has shown more positive signs after a long quiet period.
Hoa Phat construction steel products have been used in projects such as Long Thanh International Airport in the southern province of Dong Nai, the expansion of Dien Bien airport in the northwestern province of Dien Bien, the upgrade of Tan Son Nhat International Airport in Ho Chi Minh City, and construction of the North-South Expressway.
The group exported 113,000 tons of construction steel and high-quality steel to about 30 countries and territories including Canada, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Australia, and Sri Lanka.
It also shipped 103,000 tons of HRC abroad in December, contributing nearly 40% of the month’s total sales. Exports of downstream HRC products like steel pipes and galvanized steel sheets reached 68,000 tons and 24,000 tons respectively.

Introduction about Hoa Phat Steel:

Hoa Phat is a multidisciplinary business group, in which steel and related products such as coke coal and iron ore is the main business and account for 80% of the revenue of the Group.

With nearly-20-year experience, Hoa Phat’s construction steel production activities are concentrated on Hung Yen, Hai Duong and Quang Ngai provinces. The iron and steel complex in Hai Duong is operated by Hoa Phat Hai Duong Steel Joint Stock Company, the Hoa Phat Dung Quat Steel Integrated Complex is operated by Hoa Phat Dung Quat Joint Stock Company and the steel billet and steel rolling factory in Hung Yen operated by Hoa Phat Hung Yen Steel Co., Ltd.

With a total capacity of over 4 million tons of steel/year, Hoa Phat Steel currently occupies the largest market share in the country with the proportion of over 25%. Hoa Phat is also a leading enterprise in steel production in Vietnam with a closed blast furnace technology from iron ore to finished steel construction with modern technology lines from the world. Produced from iron with long procedure, Hoa Phat steel has outstanding quality, deep cleaning of impurities, therefore can meet even highest both Vietnam and international standard with competitive price.

Hoa Phat Steel Sheet coated steel factory in Vietnam
Leading Vietnam’s steel manufacturer – Hoa Phat Group (Dung Quat Factory)

Product Details Of Hoa Phat Steel


Address: Dung Quat, Quang Ngai, Vietnam

Capacity: 5 mil tons HRC/ year


Danieli – Italy (QSP)


Extra-Low Carbon/ Low Carbon/ Medium Carbon/ High Carbon

SAE J403: Carbon Steel HRC: SAE1006/ SAE106B/ SAE1008/ SAE1008B/ SAE1010

ASTM A1010: CS Type A/ Type B/ Type C/ Type D

JIS G3101: SS330/ SS400/ SS490/ SS540 (Kết cấu thông thường)

JIS G3106: SM400A/ SM400B/ SM400C/ SM490A-B-C/ SM490YA-YB/ SM520B-C (Kết cấu hàn)

JIS G3131: SPHC/ SPHD/ SPHE/ SPHF (Chất lượng thương mại và gia công)

JIS G3132: SPHC/ SPHD/ SPHE/SPHF (Pipe production)

GB/T 700: Q195/ Q215A/ Q215B/ Q235A/ Q235B/ Q275A/ Q275B (Thép carbon kết cấu – Tiêu chuẩn Trung Quốc)

BS EN 10025: S235JR/ S235J2/ S275JR/ S275J2/ S355JR/ S355J2/ S460JR/ S460J2

Thickness: 1.25 – 16mm

Width: 900 – 1500mm

HRC Steel Supplier In Vietnam Hoa Phat Steel
HRC Steel Products Ready For Export – Hoa Phat Steel

Coated Steel Coils – Galvanized/ Galvalume/ Prepainted Steel Coils:

Hoa Phat Steel Sheet Ltd (Belong Hoa Phat Group)

Item: Coated Steel Sheet In Coils – GI, GL, PPGI, PPGL

Factory: Hung Yen, Vietnam


400.000 tons/ year of GI, GL, PPGI, PPGL

1 line PO: 600.000 tons/year

CRC: 2 lines x 200.000 tons = 400.000 tons/year

1 line GL: 150.000 tons/year

1 line GI/GL: 350.000 tons/year

1 painting line PPGI/PPGL: 120.000 tons/year


Danieli – Italy 

SMS – Austria 

Bronx – Australia


PO: SAE 1006, JIS G3131 SPHC

Width: 650-1250mm

Thickness: 1.2-4mm

CRC: JIS G 3141 (SPCC–1B)

Width: 650-1250mm

Thickness: 0.15 – 2.5mm

GI/GL (Galvanized/ Galvalume Steel Sheet In Coils)

Technology: NOF


GI: JIS G3302/ BS EN 10346/ AS 1397/ ASTM A653-A653M

GL: JIS G3321/ BS EN 10346/ AS 1397/ ASTM A792-A792M

Tensile Strength: min 270 N/mm2

Base Metal Thickness:

GI: 0.25-3mm

GL: 0.15-1.5mm

Coating mass:

GI: Z06-Z35

GL: AZ40-AZ200

Width: 750-1250mm

PPGI/ PPGL (Prepainted Steel Sheet In Coils)

Standard: JIS G3322/ JIS G3312/ ASTM A755-A755M/ BS EN 10169/ AS 2728

Width: 600-1250

BMT Thickness: 0.15-0.8 mm

Top coat: 15-25 (+/-1μm)

Back coat: 5-25 (+/-1μm)

If you are looking for good quality coated steel sheet in coils (GI, GL, PPGI, PPGL) and HRC steel from leading steel manufacturers from Vietnam, kindly contact us at:

GTS Steel Pacific Ltd

Address: 2B NTMK, Dakao Ward, District 1, HCM City, Vietnam
Mobile/Whatsapp/Wechat: +84 907 112 447

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