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Hot-dip galvanized coils manufacturer/ supplier from Vietnam. Find your best galvanized steel coils supplier from Vietnam.

VSS Steel, we are sales representative of leading coated steel manufacturers/ supplier from Vietnam. We can offer you the best quality of coated steel coils (Galvalume/ Galvanized/ Prepainted steel coils) from Vietnam with best competitive prices.

Galvanized Steel Coils Product description:


DX51D and DX52D cold rolled galvanized steel coils are used for cold forming by bending and profiling. These
products are fabricated according to EN 10346. The thickness of the zinc coating varies depending on
consumers’ requirements.

hot dip galvanized steel coils supplier in Vietnam Ton Hoa Phat
Hot Dip Galvanized Steel Coils Manufacturer In Vietnam – VSS Steel

Hot Dipped Galvanized Flat Steel is obtained by the process of surface cleaning, annealing, galvanize (zinc) coating, drying, respectively, of Fullhard product rolled to the final thickness.

Optionally, tempering, lubrication and passivation applications are also made. It has improved corrosion resistance. It can be shaped, welded and painted.

Application of galvanized steel coils:

DX51D and DX52D galvanized coils are widely used for the production of steel structures, roofs, window
profiles, drainage and ventilation systems, roads barriers, bridges, and household appliances (cases and internal

Available dimensions of our Galvanized Steel Coils:

DX51D and DX52D steel products are produced in coils 0.32-2.0 mm thick and 950-1250 mm wide. Tolerances
on dimensions and shape are according to EN 10143.

The inner diameter of the coil is 600±20 mm. Coil weight is up to 15 tons:

Thickness, mm Width, mm
0,32 – 0,38 950 – 1000
0,40 – 2,00 950 – 1250
Notes: Dimensions and technical requirements of flat products should be agreed during the conclusion of contracts.
Sheet and strip (cut from coils) are available by agreement.

Galvanized Steel Sheet In Coils (GI coils) in our factory, ready to export:

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Our galvanized steel coils specifications

Why choose us:

We produces galvanized, galvalume (Aluzinc) and painted flat steel coils, as one of Vietnamese leading coated
steel coils producer. Automotive, Durable Goods, Construction, Energy and Machinery-Equipment are the leading industries we serves.

With a capacity exceeding 1.5 million tons, we produce in many different galvanized steel sheet in coils grades such as commercial, deep drawing, extra deep drawing steels, low alloy high strength HSLA steels, medium and high strength structural steels and enameling steel.

In addition to its production, it performs cut to lenght, slitting, roll forming processes in the Steel Service Centers in line with the demands and needs of the user.

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Introduction about VSS Steel – Galvanized steel coils supplier from Vietnam.

Visit our galvanized steel manufacturing factory in Vietnam:

As a Steel Supplier/ Steel Sourcing/ Business Consult company, our mission is to connect you with suitable leading steel manufacturers in Vietnam and China, to support you to get the best quotation from reliable steel manufacturers.

For over 10 years in steel field, GTS Steel have set up deep connections with steel manufacturers/ steel mills in Vietnam and China. We are confident to bring the best price and service to our customers with various types of steel:

– Hot Rolled Coils steel – HRC
– Cold Rolled Coils – CRC
– Coated Steel (Galvanized steel/ Galvalume steel coils, Prepainted Steel Coils – GI, GL, PPGI, PPGL)
– Wire rods, Beams
– Stainless steel
– Steel pipes…

We believe that our sourcing services will help you to find the right manufacturers with qualified quality steel products and best competitive prices.

If you are looking for steel coils products from leading steel manufacturers in Vietnam and China, please feel free contact us at:

GTS Steel Pacific Ltd

(represent for leading steel manufacturers in Vietnam and China)

🏢 Address: 2B NTMK, Dakao Ward, District 1, HCM City, Vietnam
📞 Mobile/Whatsapp/Wechat: +84 907 112 447
🌏 Website:


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